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Our Coffee Shop's Christmas Eve



by philip-ted | 2010-12-25 09:11 | Right on time

Calapan Main Street Night


by philip-ted | 2010-12-24 11:51 | Right on time

Conceptual art series or requiem for Manila life [30 days limited publication]

I've photoshoped the photographs I took around downtown, Makati City, where is the centre of the Philippines' economy, in 2005. Makati has been chasing and following the way and footsteps of so-called developed countries, though I couldn't help feeling something deadend, equivalent to that of Japan, when living there. Every lot of Metro Manila, where Makati is located, is literally surronded by walls, and I was as if seeing just the same things that I was gazing at when realising I shouldn't be rewarded any more even though working and living a straight life in Japan. Having been living in a country side of the Philippines, I wished to say that Makati and Manila area should not go with the climate, people, and society of this country. Thus, I've described it as the art work of Series Walls. The program expires in 30 days on 20th January, 2011 (Japanese time).

by philip-ted | 2010-12-21 09:34 | Right on time

Skylights, that's the story of the land [30 days limited publication]

Another extract from a photos & nonfiction going and coming across Canada in a touring wagon, "A Man Goes to North." The program expires in 30 days on 19th January, 2011 (Japanese time).

by philip-ted | 2010-12-19 21:34 | Right on time

A Street Corner of Calapan


by philip-ted | 2010-12-17 17:54 | Right on time

Just a break


by philip-ted | 2010-12-17 09:03 | Rural life

Between Rains


by philip-ted | 2010-12-12 16:55 | Tropic creatures

Unknown Flower



by philip-ted | 2010-12-10 09:13 | Tropic creatures

In a Feast of Immaculate Conception


by philip-ted | 2010-12-09 11:49 | Right on time

Last dinner was Filipino needlefish grilled with salt!


by philip-ted | 2010-12-08 12:14 | Rural life

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